14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Brad Pitt Was Even Better Looking In The 1980s

Hey ladies, sorry to break it to you but Brad Pitt is old. Sure, he's still good looking, in that unexpectedly hot dad kind of way, but this Pringles ad from the 1980s will have you pining for a younger version of the Hollywood A lister.

As with most actors, Brad hit telly screens in a totally cringe-worthy commercial before making it big on the silver screen.

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In the long-gone days of the 1980s a twenty something Brad could be seen strutting across TV screens in a pair of green board shorts with five other scantily clad and uber tanned guys and girls.

The plot of this ad? Three Californian dudes' car breaks down. Bummer! But it's okay because some super hot girls in bikinis pull up to help them out... And they've brought snacks.

How do they help them out? By sharing their Pringles with them, duh! Because we all know that there's no need for mechanical skills when there are salty snacks on hand.

After some painfully bad dancing and a lot of Pringle eating, the dudes jump back into their magically fixed car, leaving the girls with no crisps left.

Watch the video here:

Aaahhh the 1980s - we're not old enough to really remember, but they sure looked like fun.

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