14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Braids For Short Hair: Seven Styles To Try

While we'd forgive you for thinking braids require long flowing locks, these celebrity hairstyles might surprise you.

In fact, knowing you can style even the shortest of crops into epic fishtail updos and plaited crowns might have you reaching for the scissors. Snip snip!

If you didn't already know, plaits are a gift from the hair gods. Why? Well, picture the scene...

You've slept through your alarm, you've got 15 minutes to get ready before you leave the house, you look in the mirror and your hair is an unruly bush of knots and grease. Gross. With no time to shove your head under the cold tap you've got to be creative. Enter the braided updo.

And where better to seek inspo than on the heads of the rich and the famous. Flame-haired Emma Stone and Brit beauty Emma Watson are the go-to girls for casual side braids - and they can be glammed up or toned down to suit the occasion too.

All about getting your hair up our of your face? Then Zoe Saldana, Carey Mulligan and Jessica Alba are here to help.

Check out the gallery below for oodles of short braided style... You can thank us later.
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