14/08/2014 16:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bravery Of Girl, 6, Who Escaped From Shopping Mall Kidnapper

Shutterstock / PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

A six-year-old girl escaped from a kidnapper after he told her to have a toilet break in a shopping centre.

Brave Kelly Tellez alerted staff in a shop who then raised the alarm.

The abductor had snatched Kelly in a car park while her mum unloaded shopping from her car. He then drove off as the mum gave chase, but she soon lost sight of him.

The girl was missing for a frantic hour as her desperate mum called police.

But the kidnapper gave Kelly her chance to escape when he went into Memorial City Mall in Houston, Texas, and said he needed to use the toilet and suggested Kelly did the same.

That was when Kelly told a stranger that she had been kidnapped.

Following a manhunt, police arrested 23-year-old Joaquin Ramos and charged him with kidnapping. Incredibly, at the time of his arrest, his pregnant wife was in labour.

According to Houston police, Kelly and her mother pulled into a parking garage at around 3.30pm last Wednesday, and her mother proceeded to unpack her car.

Kelly went to look at some ice on a fence nearby when a man later identified as Joaquin Ramos pulled up in his silver Jeep Cherokee, forced the child into the backseat against her will and took off.

When he was caught, Ramos allegedly confessed to kidnapping the girl, who he said he didn't know. He didn't tell police why he abducted the girl.