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Bride-To-Be-Blog: The Juice Cleanse

Two weeks before our bride-to-be Claire Adams' wedding day and it was time for a juice cleanse. Did the pre-wedding dress diet work? Find out what happened below...

It is day five of my Purifyne juice cleanse and surprisingly, I don't feel hungry.

When I first decided to attempt a five day juice cleanse, I was excited at the prospect of losing some weight and cleansing my insides ahead of the wedding. I was also slightly scared.

I love food. I love meeting friends for dinner. I love ordering a curry on a hungover Sunday. I love popping out for lunch as a break from work. I love it all. So for me, five whole days of eating nothing and drinking four juices a day of blended veg sounded like a real challenge.


What I didn't know is the Purifyne cleanse doesn't just provide the juices.

When my first pack arrived at my door on Sunday evening I was also treated to a bottle of aloe vera (to drink not to apply on sunburn), some Colosan Powder (to mix in the first morning juice), green superfood powder (to mix in the second morning juice), a bag of Epsom salts (for the bath), a body scrub (to get the circulation going) and a face mask (made of pure minerals). I definitely felt looked after for the week ahead. Here's how it went:

Day one
It wasn't too bad. I felt a bit peckish at times but overall, I felt like I'd eaten enough for the day. (My mind did become a bit fixated by food and what others around me were eating, particularly when Lee ordered a large pepperoni pizza.)

Day two
Purifyne suggests to warn those around you that you're on the cleanse as crankiness is a side-effect. I definitely felt that seep in on day two. Although I wasn't starving (well, I did have a carrot, apple, beetroot and ginger juice for breakfast!) I did get hunger pangs and felt insanely jealous of my colleagues' wraps and sandwiches. I had to go out for a walk to escape the delicious smells at lunchtime.

Day three
By day three I had discovered a favourite juice - sweet potato, blueberries and carrot - so I was happy to be able to indulge at lunch. My least favourite and by far the smelliest was the potassium broth, made from onion, garlic and potato. Needless to say I still drank it at the end of the day (poor Lee).

Day four
I was used to my routine by now and I looked forward to my 'treats' of lemon and hot water (in the morning), mint tea (in the day) and camomile tea (in the evening). Although I couldn't say if I'd lost weight (I held out until the last day for the weigh in), my stomach definitely looked flatter, my face thinner and my skin clear. I also found it easier to get up in the morning and at times I felt highly energised. At others, I was noticeably tired and a bit spaced out.

Finally day five!!
The last day in my very long week and I eventually weighed myself to find out if all of this hard work has been worth it.

And it was! Over five days I lost 7lbs. However, the wedding is still two weeks away and if I can lose it that quickly, I imagine I can put it all back on again too (especially with Christmas and all).

I asked Karolina at Purifyne about post cleanse eating tips and she sent me a guide . It suggests I ease back into food slowly and stick to raw or steamed veg and fish, drink lots of water and eat nuts and seeds often. I need to "wake up my digestive system slowly and gently."

So I will definitely attempt to keep the healthy eating going - for the next two weeks at least.

Then, once we're married and waiting at the airport to go away, I can't promise that I won't be tempted by a little McDonalds cheeseburger. Old habits definitely die hard.

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