14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Bridesmaids: Five Things To Consider Before Choosing Yours

One of the first things everyone asks after you announce your engagement is how many bridesmaids you're going to have. What colour will they wear and who are you having? Are you including future sisters-in-law or is it friends all the way?


Before popping the question to potential maids, it's a good idea to consider these five things first...

1. Are you really, really, friends? We all made promises to childhood best friends when we were 17-years-old and super drunk that they'd be our bridesmaids. And we totally meant them. However, fast forward 10 years and things have probably changed a bit. Are you still truly best friends? Here's the test: if you haven't hung out in a year or more, she probably shouldn't be your bridesmaid.

2. Are you only asking because you're under pressure from your fiancé? A friend of mine was recently asked to be her brother's fiancee's bridesmaid. They don't really know each other. There's a substantial age gap. In a very nice way, both feel horribly awkward about the whole thing. Remember - unless you're insisting someone from your side of the family is his usher - it's completely justifiable to put your foot down.

3. Does she have stamina? She needs to keep a lot of plates spinning. Hen do invitations need to go out on time. Dress fittings can't be missed. Hotel reservations must be made. Essentially, she's got to step up, help you out AND be super fun about it. That takes a special type of person.

4. Will she help throw you an amazing hen do? At the end of the day, this person needs to instinctively know whether you're pro- or anti-stripper. There must be no question mark in their mind over whether or not you're a penis straw type of gal. If your ideal hen do is a spa weekend in the countryside, you need bridesmaids who aren't going to organise a boozy weekend in Blackpool.

5. Is she going to be happily on the front line for you when the big day comes? Here's the thing about being a bridesmaid - it's not all champagne, walking down the aisle and getting of with one of the groom's pals. They have to tell caterers to get their act together when you're busy being newlywed and fabulous. They need to do boring stuff like find your nan when she's gone AWOL. They have to hold your skirt up while you pee. If she can do all of these things - lipstick in tact - trust me, you're on to a winner.

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