Brothers, Aged 4 And 2, Investigated For Noise Pollution For Playing At 6am

A council is investigating a pair of young brothers for noise pollution after their neighbours complained they get up too early in the morning and PLAY!

Euan and Charlie Ducker, aged two and four, live in a flat and like most young children are up at the crack of dawn.

However, their neighbours in the flat below say their antics are too noisy by half and called in council bosses in Selby, North Yorkhsire.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the floors in the Duckers' second floor flat are uncarpeted, so the sounds of the lads pushing their toys along the floorboards is amplified in the properties below.

It's a problem any considerate person with kids who lives in a flat (as we do) is all too aware of. I've been in my neighbours' flat below ours when my kids have been playing normally – in a carpeted living room – and they sound like a herd of elephants having a rave. Fortunately, my neighbours laugh it off and have a 'kids will be kids' attitude - despite not having children of their own.

But neighbours of the Duckers clearly have a different view and are now to be given recording gear to monitor how loud the brothers get.

The boys' dad Andrew, 34, branded the investigation 'ridiculous'.

He said: "The boys are just normal kids trying to play. They don't realise it's early and they are being loud."

Andrew, who lives with their mum Katie Lawton, 27, is jobless and says he cannot afford to carpet the hallway. He fears his family could be kicked out if the boys' behaviour is ruled as anti-social.

Selby Council in North Yorkshire said it had a duty to investigate any noise complaint and it is trying to find a solution. It denied threatening eviction.

• What do you think? Are the boys too noisy? Are the neighbours being unreasonable? Should the council stump up for a carpet?