14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bullied Girl Filmed Herself Discussing Suicide Before She Was Found Dead

Cyber-bullied tomboy filmed herself discussing suicide before being found dead

A schoolgirl who filmed herself talking about suicide on You Tube after being bullied online has been found dead.

Sinead Taylor, 15, from Kidbrooke, South East London, died after posting an online video in which she said she had been targeted by both primary and secondary pupils who made fun of her tomboy appearance.

Friends claim that the bullying drove her to suicide. Her family said they were devastated by her death.

In a nine-minute video diary posted two months ago, Sinead said the victimisation was so bad that she had resorted to self-harming. "There was some boy who didn't like me because I used to hang around with the boys," she said.

"He always used to put me down. I can't even remember what he said but he just made me feel so awful that I just wanted to go home and cry - and back then I never used to cry.

"People used to call me a lesbian or bisexual and they would accuse me of looking at them while they were getting changed, like they wouldn't want to get changed in front of me.

"It all got to me at some point and I did self-harming. I used to cut myself every night before I went to bed."

Sinead said the attacks had stopped in the past two years.

But she added: "Self-harming doesn't help, it just makes it worse, committing suicide makes it worse, doing anything to harm yourself is worse and I have noticed that.

"You have just got to stand up to them and be like, 'Look, this is who I am, take me for who I am or not at all'. You really don't need pathetic girls in your life. They're not worth it."

Friends said Sinead killed herself because she was being targeted again.

Kara Amy Lark wrote on Twitter: "I honestly do not understand bullies. Everyone stop and think about how you treat other people. Rip Sinead."

Another user wrote: "I cannot believe that about Sinead Taylor from school killing herself. Didn't know her but awful and vile how people pushed her to that."

Nicola Caulfield, 40, the mother of Sinead's close friend Chloe, 14 - who has also been subjected to bullying - said other pupils were 'jealous' of Sinead because of her talent.

The teenagers had both achieved distinctions in B-Tec dance. They had attended classes together at the JK Dance Academy, one of London's leading dancing schools, and had performed at festivals in the West End.

Chloe's mother said: "I think there would have been a lot of jealousy, as Sinead was very talented.

"Bullying isn't left in the playground now, like it was in my day. Now there is Instagram, Twitter, all this social networking. It's about time the authorities started to prosecute the bullies."

Sinead's uncle Manoj Sangar, a retail worker from New Eltham, said: "We just cannot believe what has happened here.

"It seemed Sinead was a happy girl and she was loved by the whole family. She did not appear to have any problems. She was lovely and knew her own mind and the difference between right and wrong. We are all devastated and I cannot come to terms with it."

This month 14-year-old Hannah Smith killed herself after being bullied online while using the website. The anger in the aftermath prompted the site to make changes to help protect users.