14/08/2014 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Bully' Mum Given ASBO Banning Her From School Gates

'Bully' mum Anisha Mitchell given ASBO banning her from school gates

A 'bully' mother-of-three has been given an ASBO banning her from the school gates – after more than 100 clashes with fellow parents and children.

Foul-mouthed Anisha Mitchell is now barred from dropping off or picking up her own youngsters from two schools unless there is 'a genuine emergency'.

The five-year order prevents her from entering the grounds of St Mary's Infant and Junior School in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire or nearby Cleeve School between 6am and 6.15pm.

Magistrates also ordered the 41-year-old to stop causing distress to her neighbours after four years of 'non-stop anti-social behaviour'.

Long-suffering neighbours at her current home in Glebe Road, Prestbury, said Mitchell was 'a bully' who was ruining the lives of those living near her.

One woman, who asked not to be named, said: "She has fallen out with several residents and there have been some quite nasty incidents.

"She is a bully and she seems to pick on the more vulnerable people. Any attempts to be neighbourly towards her have been completely thrown back in our faces.

"Whatever happens we want to have peace on the street again."

But Mitchell claimed she was the victim and was being picked on in the street for trimming a hedge separating her house and her next door neighbour's.

She said: "There are only about five or six people who have problems with me.

"I am the victim here. In this court of law, the more people who say the same thing, the more leverage they have.

"It has caused a lot of problems for my husband and for my children. They are trying to intimidate me and force me to move out."

Cheltenham magistrates heard there had been more than 100 incidents and 31 witnesses had reported Mitchell to the police and borough council.

Police said she was accused of repeatedly using bad language and verbal abuse in front of parents and children, and littering.

The order, granted on Monday, was obtained by Cheltenham Borough Council and supported by Gloucestershire police.

It prohibits Mitchell from: "Engaging in conduct that is likely to cause intimidation, alarm, harassment or distress and from using abusive, insulting, threatening or intimidating language to the school children and parents and guardians of the school children and to staff members of Prestbury St Mary's Church of England Junior or Infant Schools and Bishops Cleeve Comprehensive School and to any resident of Glebe Road, Cheltenham."

Mitchell and husband Benjamin were previously given an ASBO at the request of Crawley Borough Council in West Sussex where they formerly lived.

Trevor Gladding, community protection team leader at Cheltenham Borough Council, said Mitchell's behaviour was unacceptable.

He said: "We decided to take civil action as the anti-social behaviour which has been going on for four years, was not acceptable and had to stop.

"Our approach in cases like this is an educational one where we try to get people to improve their behaviour without taking enforcement notices.

"Unfortunately with this individual that approach didn't work.

"We hope the Asbo will bring peace of mind to the community and serve as a deterrent to others."