14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Burglars Robbed Sleeping Baby's Piggy Bank

Baby's piggy bank robbed by callous house burglars

Callous thieves stole the contents of a baby's piggy bank as he slept in his bedroom.

Sarah Owens, 27, and husband Paul, 27, didn't hear burglars Jonathon Nicholson, 27, and Craig Turner, 33, enter their Stockton home last November.

The despicable duo - who were described as 'drink and drunk-addled' - snatched 10-month-old Isaac's money-box from his room as he slept, and dumped it on the landing of the house after pocketing the £200 inside.

Isaac's mum said the whole incident had been terrifying, and that it was particularly disturbing that the pair had entered Isaac's room.

"We didn't hear a thing. That's the most frightening thing," nursery assistant Sarah said as the burglars were jailed yesterday.

"You just kept thinking, what would have happened if they'd woken him up? What would they have done? What would my husband have done? There are just so many awful things that go around in your head."

The young mum explained that she had only been aware of the burglary when she awoke feeling cold at around 5.20 in the morning, despite the heating being on. She went downstairs to find the front and back doors open, the gates to their drive open and their car gone.

"I shouted up to my husband, 'we've been burgled'," Sarah said, adding that her furious husband 'wanted to go and kill them'.

"We didn't want to live here anymore and couldn't sleep for weeks," she continued. "We started putting an ironing board in front of the door so if anyone opened it, you would hear a big crash."

When Nicholson and Turner were caught, a digital camera containing the Owens' family pictures fell out of Turner's jumper. The Owens' car, a stolen television and handbags were also recovered, but the car and house keys, money, a second television, jewelery and a wedding certificate holder were never found.

Nicholson was jailed for two years and four months and Turner for two years and three months.