14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Buying The Wrong Size When It Comes To Fashion? Yes I KNOW I Am

Us ladies KNOWINGLY buy shoes and dresses that don't fit, according to a new poll. And you know what? I'm one of the many and I know I buy the wrong size, so there.

Fashion e-tailer Zalando conducted a survey which found that 40% of 2000 women asked admitted to buying the wrong size (too big and too small) in favour of what looks "pretty".

I'm a girl who likes her clothes oversized as well as over the top. I like to mix my style up - think scrappy-smart. It's a thing, I promise you, and sticking to my actual size would look seriously lame.

Buying an item in a particular size has never been a big deal for me - it's all about comfort and cool. Seriously, why squeeze into a smaller size when a little more coverage goes a long, long way?

Here's five reasons why I always opt for a bigger size when it comes to fashion...

1. Who wants underwear so tight it gives you:
a) Bum cleavage
b) Fertility issues

2. Slouchy's a trend. Stella McCartney said so...

3. Skin-tight and bodycon are too ruddy restrictive when it comes to busting out my (gin-fuelled) smooth-as-you-like Gene Kelly moves (*COUGHS*...MJ Moonwalk)

4. You know that thing when you take off your jeans and have crease marks down your legs? THAT.

5. If you're down with a baggy cut, the boyfriend t-shirt (as in he bought it, you steal it) can be an actual thing, not just a Gap marketing trick. Look, we're probably still in a recession - I'll take free fashion where I can find it.