14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Buzz Lightyear' Toddler Cheats Death In 20ft Window Plunge

'Buzz Lightyear' toddler cheats death in 20ft window plunge

A two-year-old boy narrowly escaped death after he attempted to emulate his hero Buzz Lightyear by 'flying' in his bedroom.

Leo Fernando was bouncing on his bed at his home in Exeter and pretending to be the Toy Story character when he bounced through an open window.

The little boy plummeted 20ft and landed on a concrete patio below.

His shocked dad Antony, 34, had been sitting on the bed as Leo shot off it, but was unable to grab him before he flew out of the window.

'Buzz Lightyear' toddler cheats death in 20ft window plunge

Leo's mum Emma, 27, raced out into the garden as she heard her partner's screams and her little boy's cries.

"I found Leo standing up with blood all over his face and crying," Emma told The Sun. "I snatched him up and hugged him as my mum called the ambulance. I was wiping the blood out of his eyes when the paramedics arrived."

Amazingly, Leo survived the fall with just a cut knee and grazed forehead.

His mum said it was the first time the latch had ever been off the window, and she had only opened it because of the extreme heat.