14/08/2014 16:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Calvin Harris Travels 15,000 Miles To See Rita Ora On Her Birthday

Calvin Harris travelled 15,000 miles to be with girlfriend Rita Ora on her birthday, and made the Proclaimers look like total layabouts. 500 miles? Pfft!

The 29-year-old Scottish DJ, jetted half way across the world to make it to Rita's Studio 54-themed birthday bash at London's trend-o Box Club.

Calvin was in LA when he hopped on a plane and flew 5,000 miles to see his girl on her b'day. Then, after dancing the night away in London town until 5am he got on another plane this time to Sydney, Australia. Just a short 10,000 mile flight - no biggie.

A few sums later and it seems CH clocked up 32 hours in the air just to share Reet's special day. How cute is he?

"Calvin was desperate to see Rita on her birthday, even though their schedules saw them on opposite sides of the globe," a source told The Mirror.

"So he booked flights to make sure he could spend the whole day with her, flying into London for just 24 hours.

"They made the most of their time together, staying out until 5am before heading back for an afterparty together, but just hours later he had to get on another flight. Rita was delighted that he made such a special effort for her."