Can You Get Chickenpox Twice?

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Contrary to popular belief it may be possible to catch chickenpox more than once.

Nine out of 10 children in the UK will have had chickenpox before the age of 10, and for most people this will be the only time they have to endure the itchy rash, as they go onto develop lifelong immunity to the condition.

However, it is rare, but not unheard of, for second attacks of chickenpox to occur. Once a child has caught chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in his body and can recur in later life as shingles. There is some evidence to suggest that it may be possible for a person to suffer a second attack of chickenpox, although this is unlikely.

Incidents of someone suspecting they have developed chickenpox for a second time have very rarely been proven, and many medical professionals believe that they are usually a case of misdiagnosis.

If you suspect you or your child has chickenpox, check out our guides to the symptoms and treatments - including tips on coping with the itching.

Bear in mind that recurring attacks of chickenpox are extremely rare. Rashes can be caused by a number of conditions including shingles, scabies, rubella or impetigo. So if you have developed a rash, but have previously had chickenpox, it is wise to contact your GP for diagnosis.

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