14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Cashmere Babygrows And Dior Dummies: Kim Kardashian Reveals Blingtastic Baby Shower Presents

Kim Kardashian's bonanza baby shower haul revealed

Kim Kardashian has revealed her baby shower was 'more like a wedding' after she and her unborn daughter were bestowed with a whopping £25,000-worth of gifts from guests.

Among the presents the mum-to-be received was a £700 cashmere babygrow (definitely destined for the bottom of the washing basket!), a gift basket from an upmarket LA store with a rumoured £6,500 price tag, and a £9,000 Victorian dolls' house (which is obviously essential kit for any newborn).

Kim's mum Kris really pushed the boat out though, presenting her daughter with a £1,900 Porsche P'4911 buggy, a Dior dummy and a gold Cartier eternity bracelet encrusted in diamonds.

The Sun reports that Kim - who is expecting her first baby with Kanye West - hosted 100 guests at the event and even admitted 'it was too much for a baby shower, it was like a wedding'.

Hmmm. What ever happened to a multi-pack of bibs and some muslin cloths as a baby present?