CBeebies' Mr Bloom Is A Sex God For Mums

He's a firm favourite with our toddlers, but CBeebies' Mr Bloom has found another fan base - mums who see him as a 'sex God'. It must be the tank top!

Mr Bloom – aka presenter Ben Faulks – appears in a shed on the daytime show surrounded by talking vegetables!

He wears a knitted tank top, wellies and a trilby – and he is irresistible to many mothers.

Their amorous feelings became clear during an online chat on the CBeebies Facebook page with the affable presenter, with several women using gardening terminology to make lewd suggestions.

One mum asked Mr Bloom to 'feel my melons' to 'see if they're firm' – prompting BBC staff to step in and delete that and around another 20 saucy messages in case they were seen by young viewers.

A spokesman for CBeebies – the BBC's channel for under-sixes – told The Mail on Sunday: "A small number of personal or inappropriate comments about one of our CBeebies presenters were removed by moderators."

But some comments remain, including requests for Mr Bloom to 'come round and do my garden'.

The adult nature of the questions was remarked upon by other users, including a father who wrote: "I'm awfully glad my kids aren't old enough to read these posts!"

In each episode Mr Bloom meets a group of youngsters and teaches them about planting seeds, making compost and trying new foods.

CBeebies started the chat on Wednesday, posting: "What would you most like to ask Ben about life as CBeebies' best-known gardener?"

Louise Robson wrote: "Can't say anything that I would like to on a children's site haha xx lush!"

Kate Ellerby said: "I don't think my questions would be allowed."

The 35-year-old actor, who is married with three children, also received marriage proposals.

Only a few of the 200-plus posts were serious queries about the show.

Ben said he hadn't seen the lewd remarks and remains bemused by his status as the 'sex god of CBeebies'. He also receives Valentine cards and knitted vegetables from adoring mums.

He said: "It's just really nice that the show is popular."