'Clever People Can Make Absolutely Rotten Parents,' Says Judge

Clever parents aren't necessarily good parents – in fact, they can make 'absolutely rotten parents', according to a senior High Court judge.

Mrs Justice Parker said intelligence and education do not guarantee good parenting but many who fail academically give their children a 'wonderful upbringing'.

Mrs Justice Parker made her remarks during a custody hearing involving a mother with a learning disability.

The judge said: "Learning disability is not in itself a reason for a parent not looking after a child.

"Many clever people make absolutely rotten parents and many people who are intellectually impaired... are warm and caring and provide children with a wonderful upbringing. No one is a perfect parent."

She ruled that the baby in the case should be adopted – not due to his mother's learning difficulties but because of the 'emotionally harmful' effect of his father's refusal to name him.