14/08/2014 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Coleen Rooney 'In Labour' With Wayne At Her Bedside

Coleen Rooney rumoured to be 'in labour' with Wayne at her bedside

Coleen Rooney was rumoured to be in labour today, as husband Wayne was relieved of his Man Utd duties to be at her side.

Coleen tweeted on Sunday that she'd had 'such an uncomfortable' night's sleep, but added that it was going to be 'a nice day' - a clue perhaps that her second son's arrival was imminent?

OK! magazine claims that Coleen, 27, was actually already in hospital when she sent the tweet - reporting that 'rumours surfaced that she had gone into labour and was admitted to Liverpool Women's Hospital on Saturday'.

It also claimed that Wayne missed Sir Alex Ferguson's last match ahead of his retirement to be at her bedside.

Last week we reported that Coleen's three-year-old son Kai was just as impatient as his mummy for the new baby to arrive - and that he was getting to the point where he didn't believe he was going to come at all - the same way poor Coleen probably feels right now if she really has been labouring since Saturday night!

We're keeping our eyes glued to Twitter for the prolific poster's latest updates.