14/08/2014 16:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Convicted: Man Who Stamped His Ex-Fiancee And Unborn Baby To Death

Convicted: Man who stamped his ex-fiancee and unborn baby to death

A man has been convicted after he kicked and stamped his heavily pregnant ex-fiancee to death and caused the death of their unborn baby.

Tony McLernon forced Eystna Blunnie to the ground in Harlow, Essex, before viciously attacking her.

A jury at Chelmsford Crown Court found McLernon, 24, guilty of murder and child destruction.

The court heard that he 'lured' Eystna to the spot with a text message which said, 'I've got a surprise for you' before killing her and her unborn baby.

Prosecutor Andrew Jackson said: "It was an act of brutal, sustained and wholly unprovoked violence. He knew he was not only killing her but their unborn child as well."

Residents living near the scene of the alleged attack in June last year, heard Estyna's 'horrific' screams and the impact of the blows.

Eystna, who was due to give birth within days, was later found with severe head and facial injuries and died in hospital.

After the killings, McLernon hid in nearby woodlands and sent a text message to his father saying 'I'm scared'.

He later spoke to his father on the phone and told him 'I think I've killed Eystna', the court heard.

The couple had been together since April 2011 and got engaged three months later. In October that year, Eystna told McLernon she was pregnant with his child but they broke up the following year after she made complaints to police that he had been abusing her.

Mr Jackson told jurors: "It was a relationship marked by controlling, bullying and violent behaviour on the part of this defendant towards Eystna.

"Within a month of the relationship beginning, family members saw Eystna with bruising to her arm and within that bruising they saw the outline of knuckles."

Speaking after the case, Det Ch Insp Lucy Robinson said: "(McLernon) has deprived a family of the special time with a new mother and baby, Eystna's parents of their grandchild and Eystna the chance to be a mother to the baby she was so looking forward to having.

"He has subjected numerous ex-girlfriends to constant fear of being assaulted, and Eystna paid the ultimate price during his final violent outburst.

"What he has taken away from the Blunnie family can never be replaced, but I hope he never has the opportunity to put another family through the pain they continue to suffer."

McLernon will be sentenced at a later date.