14/08/2014 12:58 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Couple Adopted Triplets - Then Mum Became Pregnant With Twins


A couple have had five children in nine months after they adopted triplets then fell pregnant with twins.

Sarah and Andy Justice decided to adopt after they were told IVF treatment would cost them up to $60,000 after they struggled to conceive.

After jumping through hoops, they were eventually matched with an expectant mum, whose baby they were going to adopt.

Then in a staggering twist, Sarah, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, accompanied the birth mother to an ultrasound scan where they discovered not one but three babies were on the way.

The couple thought the surprise news was fantastic because it meant they would not have to adopt again.

The babies - Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth - were born premature but healthy nine months ago.

But they were still in intensive care when Sarah and Andy had another surprise: Sarah was pregnant.

And when she had her first scan they discovered she was expecting twins.

Andy told Tulsa World: "No, really, we were very happy. Did we panic a little? Of course. But we were very happy."

When the triplets were eight months told, Abigail and Andrew were born. They are now eight weeks old.

Andy believes the twins may not have even come along had the adoption not worked out so well and taken away the stress they'd been under.

He said: "Maybe it's all connected."

While they don't get much sleep (what a surprise!), nor time to sit down (get away!!), the family get a lot of help from their tight-knit community.

Friends and family have set up a weekly rota to help Sarah while Andy is at work and their congregation at Eastland Baptist Church have kept them fed with homecooked meals.

And they say the babies go through 40 to 50 nappies a day - or 300 a week - but they've all been donated so far.

Andy said: "We've been very, very blessed."