14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Court Hears How Five-Year-Old Begged His Dad To Stop Stabbing His Mummy

Court hears how five-year-old begged his dad to stop stabbing his mummy

A court has heard how a little boy begged his daddy so stop stabbing his mum and to call an ambulance for her.

Andrew Parsons, 38, is on trial at Oxford Crown Court accused of killing his wife Janee outside her bedroom at their Bicester home in December last year.

Miranda Moore prosecuting, said Parsons punched 31-year-old Janee to the ground before getting a knife from the kitchen and stabbing her, leaving '17 or so knife wounds' and a piece of the knife's blade in her body.

The attack was witnessed by one of the couple's two children, a five-year-old boy, who begged his dad to stop and call an ambulance.

The court heard that the couple were divorcing, and the Daily Mail reports that the attack was recorded on a voice recorder that Parsons had fixed under Janee's bed in the hope of hearing her with her new lover.

Ms Moore spoke about the recording, telling the court: "What is clearly happening is the defendant is starting to stab Janee while she is outside the bedroom on the landing. Janee says 'your son is watching me die Andrew'."

"The boy continues to scream for his daddy and then his mummy," Ms Moore added.

Ms Moore said that Parsons had been told by his wife that she was seeing someone else and wanted a divorce. She said the attack on Janee was a 'vicious killing by an angry man whose wife was going away for the weekend with her colleagues and boyfriend. He told her she deserved it.'

"Whilst being stabbed Janee pleaded for her life. The couple's five-year-old son screamed constantly for his daddy to stop," Ms Moore said. "While Janee was still struggling for her life he put her into an empty and dry bath telling her to lie down."

The jury was told that after the attack, Parsons took the five-year-old boy to a friend's house before returning 10 minutes later. They heard that he put a glove on his left hand which had been injured in the attack, and sent a message to Mrs Parson's boyfriend saying 'so sorry Daniel', before calling the police.

Mrs Parson's boyfriend told the court that he had met the American-born beautician in October 2012 and they began a relationship. He said she had told him that her husband could be physically aggressive towards her.

The Oxford Times reports that in a message sent in November, 2012, Mrs Parsons told Mr Hansens: 'He will probably kill me and make a Janee suit out of me and make his new wife wear it'.

Parsons denies murder. The trial continues.