14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Court Throws Out Girl's Legal Action Over After-School Detention

A court of appeal has thrown out a Swiss teenager's action against a 90-minute after-school detention.

The teenager's two-year legal wrangling against the punishment kicked off in March, 2011, when she got in trouble with her teachers on a school trip.

Along with four of her friends, she was caught skiing down an out-of-bounds run at the Klosters resort. She and her pals were slapped with an after school detention by staff.

The 14-year-old never turned up to see out her punishment, and her school asked her parents to persuade her to attend. The unnamed girl's mum and dad took their daughter's side, and decided to take action against the school.

The Independent reports that the school board and the educational department in Grisons rejected the mum and dad's plea and said the students should have followed their teachers instructions.

Her family then took the matter to their local court which also sided with the school. The case was finally heard in the Supreme Court in Lausanne which threw it out.

Its ruling, made in July and published on Monday, ordered the girl's parents to pay 2,000 francs (£1,387) in costs.

The girl has since left the school and never did carry out her detention.