Crackdown On School-Run Parents Who Park On Zig-Zags

School-run parents have been hit with double the number of parking tickets for stopping on zig-zags outside schools.

The number of £70 fixed penalty charge notices given has soared from 14,564 in 2011 to 28,169 in 2013 – an increase of 93 per cent, according to new data from Freedom of Information requests.

One reason for the rise is that wardens appear to be targeting the school gates more than in the past with experts suggesting that 'a zig-zag parking crackdown on parents is underway.'

This has intensified as responsibility for enforcement has switched from police to local councils.

Research by AXA Car Insurance claims only 17 per cent of people know stopping on the zig-zags is banned at school-run times.

The Local Government Association said parking there puts children at risk.

The UK Highway Code states that motorists must not wait or park or stop to set down and pick up passengers on the yellow zig-zags which mark school entrances.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said: "The school run is increasingly dangerous for children with thousands injured or having a near-miss accident around schools every year.

"Concerned parents and teachers are turning to their council for help with CCTV camera cars introduced by some to try and deter motorists parking recklessly on zig-zag lines.

"Warnings have often been issued to people in the first instance to try and educate them about the dangers of parking on zig-zag lines before fines are issued to those who refuse to stop parking dangerously.

"Plans by the Government to ban the use of CCTV camera cars will only make it easier for parents who fail to recognise the dangers of blocking zig-zag lines to park illegally and place more school children at risk."

James Barclay of AXA Car Insurance said: "In many cases, parents can be their own worst enemies. An increase in the number of parked cars near schools could affect the safety of child pedestrians.

"We want to encourage parents to carefully consider where they park."

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