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Craft How To: Make Your Own Fabric Notebook

Splashing out on luxury stationery might not be your thing, but there's definitely something enjoyable about using a notebook or journal that's totally unique to you. Want a change from the usual office A4 jotter pads? Try making your own with the New Craft Society's step-by-step guide below...

Covering a notebook with fabric is a lot more satisfying than you might first think. It turns an old and boring notebook into something new and beautiful. We love choosing our favourite prints to brighten up our desks with, which prints would you use? We recently ran a few workshops for Cath Kidston showing people how to make these notebooks - it really is the most simplest of DIY projects so give it a go!

You will need:
All purpose, white glue (PVA)
A glue spreader
A notebook - hardback works best
Fabric in your chosen print
Plain white fabric
Printed paper


You need to:
1. Open out your notebook flat and draw around it onto both your printed and plain fabric. Cut your white fabric out along this line but leave about an inch seam allowance when cutting out your printed fabric.
2. Spread glue onto the cover of your notebook. You need to work quite quickly so the glue doesn't dry but make sure you spread it evenly and quite thin. Lay your white fabric over the cover and smooth it out to ensure it sticks without bumps. Make sure you press it down especially well along the spine!
3. Cover the white fabric with glue then stick your printed fabric on top, again smoothing it out. Try and make sure you stick it so there is an even amount of fabric sticking out along each side.


4. Trim a square out of your fabric at each of the corners and a triangle at each end of the spine to make sure you can stick them down without the fabric bunching.
5. At each of the corners glue the edge in and down to make a diagonal line. Glue and stick each side of your fabric down into the inside of the notebook cover.
6. Cut your ribbon to two pieces of equal length and stick them halfway down the cover onto the inside of the book cover.
7. Cut your printed paper to two pieces the same size. The measurements will differ for each notebook but about an inch shorter in each direction than the size of the cover works well.


8. Stick your paper onto the inside of each side of the notebook. This should cover the ends of your ribbon and fabric making the inside look neat and finished.
9. Wait for all of the glue to dry then use and enjoy your new notebook!


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