14/08/2014 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Cruel Daughter Stunt For I'm A Celebrity Charlie Brooks Rapped By Ofcom

Ofcom raps ITV for Charlie Brooks' I'm A Celebrity stunt

ITV has been given a rap on the knuckles by telly watchdog Ofcom for using the child of I'm A Celebrity champion Charlie Brooks as a prize during a task in the Australian jungle.

The regulator said it had 'serious concerns' about the episode in which the EastEnders actress failed to win the chance to be reunited with her daughter, Kiki, seven.

During the task Brooks, 32, had to choose from several doors hiding food and clean clothes. She did not know that Kiki, whom she had not seen for 18 days, was behind one of them.

Tearful Charlie later told viewers the disappointment was 'heartbreaking'.

Ofcom investigated the episode last November after 66 complaints accusing ITV of cruelty.

It said: "The appearance of a seven-year-old child placed in such a scenario would have gone far beyond the likely expectations of the audience."

In another rebuke, the BBC was censured over its treatment of children by Ofcom after a girl of 11 threw up during a challenge on Dick & Dom's Hoopla!

She was asked to drink a blend of custard, mayonnaise, spaghetti hoops and apple sauce.daught