14/08/2014 16:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad And Son, 6, Badly Burned In Brazil Speedboat Fire

Dad and son, 6, badly burned in Brazil speedboat horror

A dad and his six-year-old son suffered horrific burns after their speedboat exploded into a fireball during a holiday in Brazil.

Robbie Weich, 39, and his son Luca became trapped on the boat when it caught fire.

Robbie's wife, Renata, and their two friends were hurled into the river by the force of the blast.

The horror happened during a river trip from the northern Brazilian city of Belem, capital of the state of Para, in July. Just 30 seconds into the trip their boat was rocked by a massive explosion.

"We realised we were literally on fire," said Robbie, who suffered severe burns to his face, forearms and legs. His cousin was also on board and the pair jumped into the water.

But in the chaos he did not realise his son was still on board with a friend, who was holding onto him. Luca was eventually rescued but he was already badly burnt on his forearms.

Due to the severity of his burns, he was airlifted 6,000 miles back to London for specialist treatment at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Robbie, from Maida Vale, London, said: "His burns really healed so well - he has had no scarring.

"We are all home now and recovering well with no lasting damage or permanent scarring."