14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Crashes Car Deliberately Into Pregnant Mum-Of-Three's House After She Kept His Daughter Awake


A pregnant mum-of-three had the shock of her life when her neighbour's furious dad smashed his car into her house – because she'd been keeping his daughter and young grandson awake with her all-night parties.

Charlene Vernall said she was 'watching Jeremy Kyle with a cup of tea and a fag' when she heard a banging on her windows and a man shouting to get out of the house.

She scarpered into the back with her young children before a car came crashing through her front wall into her living room, causing £14,000 worth of damage.


The driver – her neighbour's 52-year-old dad Paul Kingsman – then got out of the car yelling: "That's how you bang on a f***ing wall."

The astonishing tale was relayed to Peterborough Crown Court which heard that the incident was the final instalment in a saga involving the two mothers over several months.

The bad feeling began when Miss Vernall reported Mr Kingsman's daughter, Sophie, to the RSPCA after she allegedly left her unfed dog in the snow at her home in Tansor Garth, Peterborough.

Miss Vernall then allegedly held parties until 5am which kept Miss Kingsman and her son awake all night.

Miss Kingsman told the court: "It was so loud I couldn't watch TV and my stairs were shaking. It used to keep my baby son awake all night.


"Often it went on until 5 in the morning and I could hear the children next door crying too.

"They used to kick my fence late at night. Once they started sort of roaring, like lions, through my walls.

"I could hear men threatening to come round and punch me in the face. I could hear people saying they needed to go and get weapons. I was always frightened."

The young mother said she reported Miss Vernall's behaviour to the police and her housing association but claimed nothing was done to solve the problem.

On the day in question, Miss Kingsman phoned her dad while he was out shopping to tell him she was still having problems with Miss Vernall.

He told the court: "I took the view no one else was going to stop it. I thought if I damage that property no one could live there.

"I lined my car up, drove through the fence and stopped. I got out and banged the door and the window and was shouting, 'You've got three minutes to get out'.

"Then I rammed the house in. When I got out I shouted, 'That's how you bang on a f***ing wall'."

Kingsman said he thought the family would be forced out of the property if he made it unstable, but insisted he had not meant to destroy it completely.

Miss Kingsman's older sister Sarah Kingsman, 25, was in her sister's house at the time of the incident.

She described how she heard screaming, and looked out to see three terrified girls climbing out of the back kitchen window.

She said: "We are a close family. I asked him, "What have you done?'
"He said, 'They can't hurt her anymore'."

When officers arrived at his house that afternoon, they found his car bonnet was crushed in with bits of brick and broken glass hanging off, the court heard.

On his way to the police station, the grandfather allegedly said: "I would have done it with a club hammer - but that would have taken longer."

Kingsman pleaded guilty to affray, criminal damage and dangerous driving but not guilty to aggravated damage reckless to endanger life. He is due to be sentenced on February 6.

After the hearing, Miss Vernall said: "I was in my front room watching Jeremy Kyle with a cup of tea and a fag.

"Then this guy started banging on my door shouting, 'Come on out here or I'm coming in!'

"Then we heard a car revving outside - and the next thing I knew there was a Land Rover in my living room.

"All I remember is seeing the sofa following me as I ran away and all the bricks falling down.

"I don't think that guy can be normal. If he'd knocked on the door and shouted at me I might have quietened down a bit."

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