Dad Makes Life-Size Lego Costume For Daughter After Seeing Lego Movie

While many of us parents were happy to fork out for a few mini figures after taking our kids to see the Lego Movie, dad Paul Baker-Billy wanted to go the extra mile for his six-year-old daughter, Hope.

So he splashed out £80 on materials and spent two days creating a 4ft-tall costume of Hope's favourite Lego character, Emmet, from cardboard, camping roll mats and glue.

Paul, 35, a landscape gardener, from Winkleigh, Devon, said: "It was definitely worth the money and the time just to see the look on Hope's face. It was really all I could wish for.

"I don't go out clubbing or drinking, I'd much rather be at home with my family building crazy costumes.

"Dressing up is such a magical thing. All her friends were so impressed.

"Kids nowadays they are losing the ability to imagine things, but I hope that she always has the confidence to play make-believe."

Just like his daughter, Paul has a fascination with Lego. He said: "Ever since I was young I've always had Lego, it's just never ending possibilities and I love playing with it. I'm so glad Hope loves it as well."

He has now converted his garage into a costume workshop and is now even considering becoming a full-time costume designer.

He said: "When Hope is older I hope she takes up the costume-making mantle too!"

And some very strange costumes....