14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Makes Teen Daughter Wear Shirt Of Shame For Breaking Curfew

Dad's shirt ofshame punishment for teen daughter!

A dad has handed out the most excruciating punishment to his wayward teen daughter by making her wear a Shirt of Shame.

The furious father took action after his 15-year-old repeatedly disobeyed him over curfews.

In a photo posted on Reddit the dad looks rather pleased with himself as he poses next to his embarrassed daughter who is wearing the T-shirt he had made for her.

On the centre of the shirt there is a picture of his face and a caption reading Try Me!!

The girl was reportedly made to wear the T-shirt to school for a WEEK.

A friend of the father apparently posted the image on Reddit, writing 'What my friend made his daughter wear to school for a week as punishment for coming home past curfew. Parenting win?'

The poster, Letzball, added that the teenager had been forced to visit the launderette each day to wash the shirt so it was clean for school for the following day.

Not all Reddit users saw the funny side of the punishment, however, with one user branding it 'humiliating'.

'I must be the only one who thinks publicly humiliating your child is just wrong,' one wrote, while another chipped in '20 bucks says she changed when she got to school.'

Some WERE amused by the dad's antics though, and thought the girl would too – in time!

'In 5 years she'll wear that shirt because it's awesome,' one poster said.

We have to admit to finding it kind of funny, mainly because of the expression on his face!