Dad Takes Photo Of 18-Year-Old Daughter Every Single Day Of Her Life

In the digital age, we parents take endless numbers of photos of our children, upload them to our computers and then...forget about them.

For a mum or dad of a certain age, photos in an album seem more tangible than scrolling through online archives.

But a 41-year-old dad from Gillingham, Kent, has made sure his daughter's childhood will never be forgotten by producing an incredible montage of 6,570 pictures comprising every single day of her life.

And if you've worked it out, you'll have gathered she's just turned 18!

Dad Munish Bansal started by taking pictures of his wife Rita's ultrasound images when she was pregnant with their daughter Suman in January 1996.

He has since captured daughter Suman growing from baby to toddler to schoolgirl to college student.

Munish said: "I decided to do this when Rita was pregnant. I just wanted to make a memory to see how they changed day to day, because if you see a child on a month to month basis you can see a big change and I wanted to see that change."

The proud dad mostly took the pictures in the morning before school, but sometimes in the afternoon when they got back home.

He explained: "Initially it was a hard challenge, but it has become like a routine. Naturally, it is a big commitment."

And there have been some anxiety-making moments along the way when Munish thought a day was passing without a picture.

He said: "There were couple of occasions I can remember it almost didn't happen. Once my wife thought I had taken the photos and while I was at work they went to stay at their aunt's home for a night. I had to go to her house to take the photos, but luckily they don't live far.

"There was another occasion when I nearly missed them, because I was busy with my work and the children went to sleep, but it suddenly clicked: I had to wake up the children."

Daughter Suman said: "Being photographed every day just feels like any normal day as I have grown up with it my whole life.

"At times it can become irritating as I don't always feel my best especially when I am running late. I do not have a favourite picture because all are special. I cannot compare."

Suman is finishing her A-levels, but hopes to go to university in September and aims to be a nurse.

She said: "I would like to train and study to be a paediatric nurse, but keep photography as hobby.

"I am probably not going to continue the photographs when I leave home; I am very likely to forget a day."

So now that his daughter is 18, will Munish continue with his project?

He said: "I will continue for the next few months, Suman wants to continue, but once she has gone to university, it might be difficult for her, but let's see."

Now that might need some explaining to new uni friends - hang on, dad's just got to photograph me!