Dad Throws Two-Year-Old Daughter Into Swimming Pool To 'Teach Her A Lesson' (Video)

A cruel dad has been charged with child abuse after he threw his two-year-old daughter into a swimming pool as a punishment for accidentally dropping a puppy.

Shocking CCTV footage captured the toddler being tossed into the water before a woman swimmer plucked the girl to safety.

Corey McCarthy told police he threw his daughter Mia into the water because she had dropped a five-week-old puppy in the pool and it died.

He said he wanted to teach her a lesson about playing around water.

McCarthy has been charged with two counts of child abuse after police in Phoenix viewed the security video.

The girl's mum - identified on local TV as Samantha - said: "You see him taunting her, like throwing her like he's gonna, then he's not, throwing her like he's gonna, then he's not.

"What people don't know is also in the beginning of the video, he hoses her down with a water hose to kind of torture her that way.

"I am very angry and I'm very hurt and I just hope that my kids are going to be OK from this.

"People make mistakes, but this is past a poor decision and a mistake. This is a child."

Mia's aunt said the girl wasn't harmed, though they had taken her to hospital as a precaution.

Police said child abuse charges were filed because in the state of Arizona discipline must be considered reasonable and not carried out in anger.

A police spokesman said throwing a toddler into a pool isn't reasonable.