Dad Uses His Toddler As A Beatbox Drum (Video)

This brilliant video shows a drummer dad using his son's back as a turntable, tapping out a beat while the little lad's squeals and giggling chime in as perfectly-timed sound effects.

Brad Kuehner, who plays the drums for rock band Atticus Avenue, and his toddler son Max have an unusual approach to father-son bonding. Dad practises his beats using Max as a mini-drumkit, drumming on his back and even using his nappy as a cymbal!

Brad's rhythms are impressive on their own, but what really makes the video is Max's contribution. He punctuates the melody with adorable giggles and squeaks which line up perfectly with his dad's rhythm.

The end result sounds like a expertly-mixed track from a professional DJ, complete with computerised sound effects, but Brad says that the clip was not edited or modified - everything you hear is real.

"I have been asked several times if this was altered or mixed or enhanced in any way, and the answer is NOPE!" the 29-year-old posted on Facebook. "The sound is Max giggling during the beatin' and squeaking as the beat squishes him."

Father and son are just naturally in sync, it seems. In any case, the massive grin on Max's face as he sits up at the end of the video, suggests that Brad has definitely passed on his love of music to his son.

Commenters on YouTube were clearly impressed by Brad's unique approach to keeping his drumming skills sharp, with one fan calling Max 'the best instrument ever'. It's hard to disagree!