14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dad Wins Auction To Run His Children's School For The Day

Dad wins auction to run his children's school for the day

A dad was so desperate to go back to school that he bid £100 in a fund-raising auction to be head teacher for a day.

Father-of-two Rob Banks – who usually spends his working day as a logistics manager – got to rule the roost at Goosnargh Oliverson's CE Primary School in Lancashire after securing the winning bid.

Rob's substantial sum outbid other teachers at the school, and displaced their usual boss, headmistress Helen Sant.

The 34-year-old, whose children Holly, six, and Oliver, five, attend Goosnargh Oliverson's, said he thought it would be a 'challenge' running the school.

"This is a nice, quaint village school and I was intrigued to see what goes on during a normal school day," he told his local paper. "I manage a busy warehouse and have done for 15 years and I thought that going from that to managing 120 children would be quite a challenge."

His daughter was not quite so pleased with her dad's auction success though, with Rob revealing she was a 'bit embarrassed'.

And returning to the classroom after almost two decades proved to be an eye-opening experience for the hard-working dad.

"It was absolutely amazing to look at life in school on a normal day," he said. "The highlight was going into the life education lesson with year six and learning about peer pressure and the parts of the body. Even I learned a few things that I'd forgotten. It was Roald Dahl day when I was in so I also went into year three and we made chocolate cakes and talked about all the different ingredients."

Ousted head Helen Sant made sure she left a packed agenda for her stand-in, including leading an assembly, taking a fire drill and having to tuck into school dinner with the kids!

"The meal had a Roald Dahl theme when Rob came in so the menu included wormy spaghetti," Ms Sant said.

Despite his lunch, Rob said it was 'absolutely' £100 well spent. "I'd do it all again given the chance," he said.

Rob's wife Sophie told the Parentdish Facebook community that Rob loved his experience as Head:

"He absolutely loved it, everyone made him welcome. The kids were in ore of him and seeing him hold the assembly. Very proud of our Daddy."

Would you like to run your kids' school for the day?