Daddy-Daughter Dating: Cute Or Creepy? (Video)

Most fathers get a little bit edgy when their teenage daughters go out on dates, right?

So when you hear that this dad gave his toddler daughter his blessing to go out on a date, you'd be forgiven for thinking he must be the most permissive father of all time.

There is a catch though. The date was with him.

Aaron Dickson documented the daddy-daughter 'date' in a black-and-white video entitled 'The Best First Date'. Since it was uploaded in honour of Father's Day last month, it has been viewed close to eight million times.

Story continues after video...

The video opens with Dickson chatting about his upcoming 'date' with a friend while he readies himself in the mirror. Finally, he leaves the house - only to turn back around and knock on the front door, which opens to reveal that his date is actually his daughter, Analynne.

"You are so beautiful!" he cooes, with a sincerity that many adult women would kill to hear on a first date. "When did you get so cute?"

Analynne proudly tells him that 'Mommy did that' for her, before asking "Are you ready for the date?"

He then takes her out (to the back garden) and treats her to a special meal (well, sandwiches and fruit), served on princess-themed plates by an obliging friend acting as a waiter.

What follows is a bit less conventional when it comes to date behaviour - Aaron takes Analynne to the park and plays on the swings and climbing frame, before putting her on his shoulders and walking off into the sunset.

"You'll always be her first love," the video reminds us in its final moments.

So, what do you reckon? Sweet daddy-daughter bonding moment, or weird meshing of adult romance with childhood?

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