14/08/2014 16:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dattch: The Dating App For Lesbian And Bisexual Women Taking Its Lead From Pinterest

A new dating app for lesbian and bisexual women, Dattch, is finding success by ditching the Tinder/Grindr approach and taking inspo from Pinterest instead.

Dattch - a combination of "date" and "catch" - claims to be the only dating app designed specifically for girls and insists women are more reluctant to start flirting than men.

dattch lesbian dating app

"We've found that girls often need a helping hand to get talking," Dattch CEO and founder Robyn Exton told The Guardian.

"Guys will see a picture, send a girl a message and see what happens. Whereas girls will look at a picture two or three times before deciding to send a message," she explained.

When the app first launched profiles were made up of one big picture and a short bio. "The conversations that started were terrible," said Robyn.

"They were opening with, 'You look nice', 'You have nice eyes,' etc. And who thinks that's an exciting thing to reply to?"

The app is now focused on a Pinterest-style model, where users upload pictures of things they like. Think puppies, Beyonce, travel and the like.

According to The Guardian Dattch allows users "to create a kind of personality mood board, making profiles much more revealing".

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