David Beckham And Hugh Jackman Are Embarrassing Dads

David Beckham and Hugh Jackman seem to be vying for the title of Embarrassing Dad 2014.

David, 39, is no stranger to showing some skin, and has starred scantily-clad in a number of advertising campaigns in recent years.

But while his wife Victoria and their children, Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 11, Cruz, nine, and Harper, two, seem fully supportive of David's modelling career (although we bet the boys have their heads in their hands occasionally), his mother Sandra's reaction to the photos still has the ability to make him blush.

David's latest campaign, modelling his new swimwear range for H&M is currently plastered on billboards across around the country.

When he was asked by Shortlist magazine whether he'll ever get used to seeing images of himself wearing next to nothing, David replied:

"I don't think so. Especially not when I've got my mum calling me up saying, 'I've just seen another huge billboard of you in London – just you in your underwear'."

If Becks is in need of a supportive shoulder to help him cope with his embarrassment, he should turn to actor Hugh Jackman, 45, who can relate thanks to his own recent cringe-inducing incident.

While watching his new film X-Men: Days of Future Past with his daughter Ava, eight, and son Oscar, 14, Hugh became so engrossed in the movie that he forgot to warn his children that he had a nude scene coming up:

"It is actually really cool to watch it with them until you get to the moment where you're naked onscreen and you forgot to warn your almost nine-year-old daughter," Hugh told New York Daily News.

"And she says 'Dad, why aren't you wearing underwear?'"