David Beckham Treats His Mum And Mum-In-Law To £30k Cars!

David Beckham Treats His Mum And Mum-In-Law To £30k Cars!

Posh with Sandra and Jackie. Pic:

David Beckham is trying to keep his mum-in-law sweet for more babysitting duties and all those other grandmotherly-like favours - by buying her a £30,000 car!

And so his own mum doesn't have an attack of the green-eyed-monster over the gift, the generous star has bestowed her with a set of flashy new wheels too!

The Sun reports that recently-retired Becks bought two Audi Q3s last week as 'thank you' pressies for his mum Sandra and Posh's old dear, Jackie.

A friend of the family told the paper that it was in recognition of all the support the two grannies have shown the jet-setting Beckham clan.

"They are gorgeous vehicles that Jackie and Sandra love. When you think about how important their families are to David and Vic, and how huge both their careers are, you can only begin to imagine the sort of work and commitment their parents put in over the years," the mole revealed.

"From babysitting and international travel with zero notice to being counsellors for Posh and Becks when they couldn't talk to any one else - their closest family have done it all."

The gossip also claimed that other close friends and family could also be in line for a pressie from David as he takes stock of all the help his family have had over the years.

"There will probably be more gifts to follow as David settles down away from playing football," the pal said. "He has so many people he wants to say thank you to and obviously money is no object."