14/08/2014 16:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

David Cameron: My Children Can Use Facebook, But Only If I Can Monitor Them

The Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will let his children have Facebook accounts – but only if he can monitor what they post.

Mr Cameron said he would let Nancy, nine, Arthur, seven, and Florence, three next month, sign up to Facebook when they are older.

He said. "I think Facebook is a way that lots of people communicate. I'm sounding like a total fogey now.

"All I want is to able to see their Facebook pages to start with. When we were young we went on holiday and took pictures and put them in a cupboard, and every now and then you got them out.

"Now everyone shows their pictures on Facebook, they need to think: well, what about that job interview [in the future]?"

Children are not supposed to create a Facebook account until they are 13 - although the majority do sign up before this birthday. So this is potentially not something the Prime Minister will have to worry about until after the election.

Earlier this month, Mr Cameron announced plans to require internet providers to install porn-blocking filters on new broadband accounts unless customers specifically ask for uncensored access. He spoke of 'poisonous' websites which are 'corroding childhood'.

But in an interview with Grazia magazine Mr Cameron insisted children could not be shielded from the internet entirely.

His children already use an iPad, but they do not have mobile phones.

Mr Cameron revealed he and wife Samantha already talk to Nancy about how women are portrayed in media images.

"It's just good advice about judging people by what they do and say and not how they look."

He added: "I worry about my children buying things, as happens now with in-app purchase.

"You've set up some football game and the next thing you know you own half of Real Madrid."

He went on: "Porn has always been available, boys have always tried to get hold of top-shelf magazines, but this is happening much earlier.

"There are expectations about what sex is, about what relationships are, being altered by this stuff because children aren't old enough to process it properly.

"That has a very corrosive effect: forming loving relationships is one of the most important things that can happen.'

Mr Cameron also suggests there needs to be a 'national dialogue' about jokes which make light of rape and sexual violence, in the same way that racism in comedy has been stamped out.

"Jokes about race were told when I was a boy that are now completely unacceptable, and that's right," he added.

Asked what advice he would give the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge about bringing up their new baby Prince George, Mr Cameron said: "Enjoy it. It's the most magical time."

He said that he was "treasuring every moment" of Florence's early years, as he knew she would be the last child he and wife Samantha have.

"I don't want to single out Florence for praise, but it's such a treat when you know it's the last," he said. "You dote pathetically."

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