David Cameron Wants His Children To Know The True Meaning Of Easter

Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants his children, Nancy, 10, Elwen, eight, and Florence, three, to know that Easter is about more than just chocolate eggs. The Prime Minister revealed that he and his children had recently discussed over breakfast "what Easter is all about."

"I was very impressed with their knowledge about Good Friday and Easter Sunday," he said in an interview with BBC Radio Norfolk.

"We had a bit of a conversation about that, (that) it wasn't about chocolate eggs. That was one of the themes at breakfast in the Cameron household."

On Easter Sunday Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, when he was raised from the dead three days after dying on the cross. His death is commemorated on Good Friday. Easter Sunday is traditionally the most important Christian festival of the year - more so than Christmas - and also marks the end of the 40 days of Lent, a time of prayer and sacrifice which begins on Ash Wednesday.

Cameron also revealed he would be spending Easter with wife Samantha's family.

"I am going to be spending a bit of time with my mother-in-law," he said. "I think I am spending Easter Day with Samantha's family."

However, it seems that the Cameron family Easter may be a little less modest than David suggested, as they are reportedly heading off to Lanzarote today, to spend a week in the Canary Islands with Samantha's family.

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