14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

David Cameron Writes To Father Of Suicide Girl About 'Pain Of Losing A Child'

David Cameron writes to suicide girl's dad about 'pain' of child loss

Prime Minister David Cameron has written to the dad of schoolgirl Hannah Smith who took her own life after allegedly being targeted by online bullies.

Mr Cameron told Hannah's father that he knew 'the pain of losing a child' and vowed to do all he could to stop internet trolling. Tragic Hannah is believed to have killed herself after receiving abusive messages through the website.

The Mail reports that in the deeply personal letter, the Prime Minister revealed the pain he felt after his son Ivan, six, died in 2009, writing:

"I know from my own experience of losing a child that there will come a day when you see past the pain to remember the happy times you shared together."

He also said he was grateful 'as a parent' that Hannah's dad had highlighted the problem of bullying on social networks.

Mr Smith, 45, had accused the PM of 'doing nothing' to stop children being targeted by trolls.

The Mirror reports that Mr Cameron told Mr Smith: 'I want to reassure you that the Government takes this issue very seriously. There is already legislation in this area. Bullies mistakenly believe that because the abuse they inflict is happening online, it is beyond the reach of the law'.

Hannah, who was 14, will be laid to rest tomorrow (Friday).