14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Deep-Fried Alcohol: Would You Eat It?

Lancashire-based couple John and Corinne Clarkson have just created the UK's first deep-fried alcohol bar snack.

Forget pork scratchings - fried booze is the thing to be chowing down on from now on. John and his wife Corinne debuted their creation at a local event, where they sold out within hours - despite coming in at £3 a pop.

The coupled used a traditional British sherry trifle as the inspiration behind their merry-making snacks - soaking sponge in Bailey's and strawberries and cream and cola varieties of Sidekick (that stuff you used to drink straight from the bottle when you were a teenager).

Topping off their creation by throwing it in the deep-fat fryer, John and Corinne may have just created the best and booziest pub munch, ever.

While you'd be given for assuming no one has ever thought to deep-fry alcohol before now, you'd be wrong.

Back in 2010 a man named Mark Zable figured out how to fry beer by sealing it in dough.

According to Dallas News, Mark spent three years on a mission to concoct fried beer. He remembers staring at a bar menu in a restaurant and thinking that calamari and nachos were just plain boring.

"Someone needs to figure out a way to fry beer," he thought. So he did.

But does deep-fried booze actually get you drunk? "If somebody were to eat a dozen of them," Mark explained, "they might get a little head rush."

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