14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

'Dem Guts' Swimsuit: The Worst Swimwear That's Ever Been Designed

Black Milk Clothing, e-tailer of slightly weird yet mainly awesome leggings and bodysuits, dropped a new and pretty terrifying swimsuit just in time for summer.

According to the cult fashion brand, tis the season to show off your internal organs! But rather than undergoing some horrible surgical procedure, they've done all the messy work for you and designed a swimsuit emblazoned with intestines, kidneys, lungs and the like.

dem guts swimsuit

While we couldn't think of anything less beachy keen, the garment - aptly named "Dem Guts" - has literally been flying off the digital shelf... And fans have taken to Instagram to show off their skewiff interpretation of the perfect beach body.

Sure, it's kind of gross. Sure, it makes our veins pulse like when we watch 24 Hours In A&E but there's something about this rebellious take on swimwear that we actually really love.

You already know how much we'd love to take the term "bikini season" outside and beat it with a badminton racket, so this outright rejection of summer swimwear standards is pretty darn refreshing.

However, ask us to wear the item in question and we're afraid we'd have to politely refuse. How about you? Tell us whether you'd be keen to wear your insides on the outside on Twitter @MyDailyUK.

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