14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Desigual Advert Uses Baby Bumps &Amp; Destroying Condoms To Promote Mother's Day

Mother's Day means shoving cushions up your dress and poking holes in condoms according to clothing brand Desigual. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you and you are reading this correctly.

A new 20-second advert, released by the Spanish retailer on US Mother's Day, sees a model deciding she wants to get pregnant after discovering her bodycon dress still looks great with mock-baby bump (a pillow shoved up the front). But how will she realise this dream? By getting hold of a pin and making holes in a bunch of condoms, of course!

The add, dubbed "#tudecides" (you decide) by the brand, was allegedly created in response to an anti-abortion draft law in Spain, which would only grant abortions to women in the case of rape or if the unborn baby poses a threat to the mother's health.

And while that's all very well and good, we don't think the promotion of getting pregnant accidentally on purpose is really the answer. Call us controversial, but surely there's a more measured response?

Watch the video here:

According to those behind the ad, it was created to, "reinforce the message that was featured in all of their campaigns to date: the power of people to make decisions.

"This ad represented a call for personal liberation and [for people] to follow their dreams. Putting a hole in a condom can be a hymn to motherhood. A symbol, a metaphor. The imagination is free to think of the consequences."

We reckon Desigual may have gotten its wires crossed here. It's confused liberation with lying to a man in order to become impregnated and turn your cute print minidress into the next big thing in maternity wear. Aces!

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