14/08/2014 16:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Did Kate Middleton Change University Plans To Get Close To Prince William?

The Duchess of Cambridge switched university and took a gap year to make sure she attended St Andrews at the same time as Prince William, a new book claims.

kate middleton switched unis to get close to prince william

According to Kate: The Future Queen by Katie Nicholl the Duchess had a place at Edinburgh University in 2000 but gave it up and took a gap year in Italy. She reapplied to St Andrews the next year after Wills' place was confirmed.

K-Middy got two As and a B in her A Levels and Edinburgh was her first choice. William achieved an A in geography, B in history of art and a C in biology which won him a place to study at St Andrews after a year out.

Applications to the uni rose by a whopping 44 per cent after Prince William's news went public - so Kate's decision to switch unis was pretty darn risky.

Jasper Selwyn, a careers advisor at Kate's former school, allegedly confirmed her first choice was Edinburgh. AND her house mistress, Ann Patching, said the change of heart came as a bit of a shock.

So what d'you reckon? Did Kate really do all this just to get her Prince Charming?