Disney World Surprise Gets The Wrong Reaction (Video)

Disney World is most toddlers' idea of heaven on earth, but when this dad unveiled a surprise trip to the resort, his little boy didn't take the news very well.

If there's anything viral videos have taught us about kids, it's that they can rarely be counted on to do what you'd expect.

Youtube user Ry Guy found this out the hard way when his unveiling of the Disney World surprise didn't go down the way you might imagine with his younger child.

Ry Guy and his wife planned a secret trip for their daughter and son, packing up the car in the morning before bundling the two kids into the back seat, completely oblivious to their destination.

Their dad then gets them to look through their backpacks to find out where they're headed. When his daughter figures it out, she is suitably impressed, gasping 'Disney World!' and shrieking with excitement.

Not so her younger brother. When big sis prompts him: 'Gavin, we're going to Disney World!' the little boy bursts into tears.

And not tears of joy - proper, toddler howls of despair.

"I don't wanna..." he sobs, before breaking into loud wailing. All poor, baffled dad can say is 'Whaaaat?'.

​So much for The Happiest Place on Earth!

Luckily, Ry Guy assures us that, after his initial outburst, his son warmed to the idea of visiting Disney World. "My son had a great time," he reveals.

In fact, in classic, frustrating kid fashion, the little boy is now nagging his parents to take him back!