14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Do You Have A Favourite Child? One In 12 Parents Say They Like One Kid More Than Another

Do you have a favourite child? One in 12 parents say they like one kid more than another

Sometimes, when my eight-year-old helps me unload the dishwasher, he's the one. And then he goes and wrecks it by smashing a plate. Deliberately.

Other times, it's the youngest, especially when he climbs on my knee for a cuddle - but then ruins the moment by licking my face.

And then there's the oldest, who also goes to number one spot in my affections on the oh-so-rare occasions she tidies her room without being nagged. But then wrecks the sentiment by asking for payment for the task.

Yes, all of my children are my favourites at one time or another – and I also rather dislike them all from time-to-time. But, according to research, some parents favour one child all of the time.

The anonymous survey of British parents revealed that one in 12 mums and dads admitted they had a favourite child - someone they treated differently because they liked them more!

Over a quarter of those who admitted having a favourite said that it was an older child who they felt they could do 'more things' with.

The most common reason for having a favourite was because parents felt they had a 'stronger bond' with the child (42 per cent), while 13 per cent said it was because their other child or children misbehaved more.

Of those who confessed they did not give their children equal attention, 45 per cent claimed it was because they had 'different needs', while a fifth said it was simply because they saw their children for different amounts of time.

The poll, which involved 1,237 parents with at least two children aged three or over, also asked those who had siblings about how their own parents had treated them. And nearly half said they felt that their parents had a favourite child when they were younger.

Mark Pearson of shopping discount website, which carried out the research, said: "Most parents agree with the fact that you can't necessarily give the same amount of attention to all children, only because every child is different. It will always sound insensitive to admit that you have a 'favourite child' but I guess it's more about sharing more with one than the other."

So, be honest, do you?