14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Does Suri Cruise Have A Body Double?

Does Suri Cruise have a body double? Splash

Some showbiz stories are just so weird they are difficult to even decipher. And when they involve Suri Cruise they seem to get a whole lot weirder...

The latest rumour doing the rounds about the fruit of Tom Cruise's loins is that she has a BODY DOUBLE, used to stop her being hounded by paps or abducted by ransom-seeking kidnappers...

The Daily Mail cites an incident on Monday when a car carrying Suri and her newly divorced mum Katie Holmes was photographed as it pulled away from her school in Manhattan. Nothing odd in that obviously, except, they claim that when it stopped outside an eatery (er, that's a restaurant to you and me) in the TriBeCa district ANOTHER girl - who was not Miss Cruise - got out with a nanny in tow. Still with us?

The story originated in the NY Daily News, which stated the child who exited the car was definitely not Suri, despite her wearing an identical outfit complete with head band to the one Suri was earlier seen in, and that ANOTHER car subsequently pulled up at the restaurant and the REAL Suri got out.

We can barely keep up...

The NY Daily News also reports that Tom has 'beefed up' security around Suri in recent months and has 'met with risk assessment teams and kidnapping specialists'. Fair enough for a showbiz family, but this whole lookalike decoy thing seems a little extreme - no?

Does Suri Cruise have a body double? The real Suri Cruise. Or is it?

And of course, poses so many questions! Why would the parents of the 'decoy' risk their child's safety or court press intrusion? And how did Katie and Tom source the doppelgänger? Through Central Casting? An ad in the New York Times?

All seems totally bonkers to us!