14/08/2014 12:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Doing A Miley: It's A Thing And You've Probably Done It

You know when you fall out with your boyfriend before/during a night out and proceed to do a whole lot of crazy dancing with other boys in his eyeline to punish him? That will now be known from this moment forward as doing a Miley.

Why? Well, apparently the reason behind Miley Cyrus', um, X-rated moves at the MTV VMAs was she'd had a big row with Liam Hemsworth and the whole performance was a sort of don't-mess-with-me revenge.

Doing A Miley: It's A Thing And You've Probably Did It

A source told Hollywood Life: "When she (Miley) fights with Liam, she acts out and gets even more rebellious, and that came out on stage, but she's not sorry.

"She made a big impact and that was the goal. She did warn Liam that the show was going to be wild but even she didn't know just how wild it was going to be."

Good on her for not being sorry but how effective is doing a Miley? After going to all that trouble, do you ever get what you wanted to begin with?

In our experience, sadly no. After you've done a Miley (it will have been in your local bar/ on holiday/ in a student union/ in a really nasty club), you have a momentary high of adrenaline-fuelled "GO TEAM ME!" and then a crashing guilt wave of, "oh dear, I just grinded with a stranger who's not my boyfriend" *nauseous face*.

But from now on at least you can console yourself with the following mantras:

1. At least I wasn't wearing a PVC bikini.
2. At least my Miley wasn't be broadcast to loads of people.
3. At least I probably won't have to deal with the guy I Miley-ed on's mum.
4. At least I didn't have a foam finger.
5. At least I didn't Miley on Robin Thicke.

Thanks Miley, you're a brick.