14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Donna Air Obsessed With Dating Apps (Bad News For James Middleton)

Donna Air may very well be dating the Duchess of Cambridge's little brother James Middleton, but that hasn't stopped her being totally "obsessed" with dating apps.

If there's one thing that certainly doesn't scream "I'm in the relationship for the long-haul," it's scoping out other options on Tinder!

"I'm secretly obsessed with all these dating apps," the Geordie television presenter told Woman magazine.

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Talking about Tinder specifically, Donna said: "I need to investigate it further, because I keep hearing funny stories from all my friends."

The pair have recently been fighting rumours their relationship is on the rocks, and Donna's latest comments are sure to do nothing but fuel the fire.

Gossip around the split surfaced over the Christmas period when the couple spent some time apart with their families. However, Donna laid them to rest by telling reporters things were going well between her and the near-royal cake entrepreneur.

Speaking about their romance with You magazine recently, Donna said: "I am very happy. It is early days and you just never know what the future has in store.

"James is wonderful, and I enjoy our time together very much. And yes, there is also the bonus that he brings something I have always searched for and will always need in my life... cake."

While many have speculated whether the couple will tie the knot in the near future, James has been quick to bury that gossip. "Am I getting married? What a ridiculous question," he told London's Evening Standard.

"Um, we're enjoying our relationship as it is now. We've made no future plans... But I'm 26. I'm young. She's 34... or maybe 33."

We're not sure how chuffed we'd be if our other half couldn't remember our age!

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