14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Double Baby Joy: Caprice Reveals She And Her Surrogate Are Both Pregnant

Double baby joy: Caprice reveals she and her surrogate are both pregnant

Caprice has revealed that she is expecting TWO babies - and they will be born four weeks apart!

The model and fashion designer said she discovered she was pregnant after hiring a surrogate to carry a baby for her.

Caprice, 41, who is six months pregnant by her millionaire partner Ty Comfort, said: "Words can't describe our happiness when we knew we were expecting two miracle babies."

Caprice feared she could never have children after she was warned she was unlikely to conceive naturally.

And so she and Ty, 46, turned to a surrogate, who became pregnant with their biological child last December.

But later the couple were stunned that Caprice had ALSO conceived.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Caprice said: "We are incredibly delighted. "I have always wanted a family but I didn't find the right person that I could see myself spending the rest of my life with until two years ago.

"Our gestational carrier (surrogate) is part of my family now and I'm forever grateful for the kindness and selflessness she has shown us by taking such good care of our beautiful little baby."

Caprice - who thought her pregnancy would never happen - added: "Like every career woman I worked so hard at being successful I left it a little late.

"But then to fall pregnant after our gestational carrier did was a miracle. My mum is so excited she has already bought enough baby clothes to fill a country."

Fashion designer Caprice and Ty, who began dating in June 2011 after being introduced by friends, had been trying for a baby for some time before experts told the devastated star she was unlikely ever to become a mum.

Yet she refused to give up hope and started to research the possibility of another woman carrying their baby.

In autumn last year the couple found a perfect match for gestational surrogacy, in which their sperm and egg were used to create an embryo in a lab and then artificially transferred into the carrier's womb.

The embryo then develops as in a routine pregnancy. Caprice added: "We have found out the sex of both babies but we're keeping it to ourselves for now."

Congratulations, Caprice and Ty!