14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dramatic Sea Rescue For Adults And Children Stranded On Cornish Beach

Six children and three adults were dramatically rescued by lifeguards after they became trapped on a Cornish beach.

The group became stranded on a platform above a gully at Treyarnon beach after the tide came in when they were exploring a cave.

Pirate FM radio reports that the RNLI's Andy Houlder paddled around the rocks on a rescue board, while his colleague Martin White responded on foot, from where they could see the trapped holidaymakers.

Backup crew Zahli Lowe and Dan Lee were called to attend with an inshore rescue boat, which they were forced to abandon as 5ft waves lashed at the rugged coastline. The lifeguards ended up swimming out to the group's aid where they pulled the children to a safe area of the bay before a rescue boat picked them up.

Two of the adults managed to swim unaided from the gully, while a weaker swimmer was also escorted to safety by the crew.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Lee said it was a 'very difficult and long process' which was 'made even worse by the time pressures of the incoming tide and a building swell'.

"Thankfully we all know this beach and stretch of coastline very well and were able to read the waves and get them all out safely," he said.

The beach, which is near Padstow in north Cornwall, is a popular family destination.